Nepal 3003 aluminum foil

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Nepal 3003 aluminum foil

Thanks Nepal customer for ordering 0.02*400 mm 3003 aluminum foil for 10 tons. Mingtai Aluminum can supply high-quality nepal 3003 aluminum foil products for many applications, such as packaging foil, pharmaceutical foil, battery shell foil, milk cap foil, adhesive foil, cable foil, electronic foil. Mingtai Aluminum thanks for customer’s trust and will try our best to produce high quality products for customers and give you the best service.


The specification of nepal 3003 aluminum foil by Mingtai Aluminum:

Temper: all tempers

Thickness: over 0.009mm

Width: up to 1420mm

Length: C

Neapl 3003 aluminum foil

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a famous aluminum foil manufacturer in China, which has produced the aluminum foil of many grades, including 8011 foil, 8021 foil, 8079 foil, 5052 foil, 3003 foil etc. The products produced by it have high quality and reasonable price. 

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