Lithium batteries aluminum foil

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Lithium batteries aluminum foil

From the structure of lithium battery, the lithium battery has a great relationship with aluminum processing. Lithium battery has four key materials, a foil, the middle of a diaphragm, the rest is the electrolyte. Lithium battery develops slowly in recent years mainly due to safety and technology is constantly improving, while the price is more expensive. But now a lithium battery foil this piece has gradually become a 100 billion level of the market, and the future trend will be bigger and bigger, we can see small products can be out of the big market.

Lithium batteries are related to aluminum, the first is the battery foil. Mingtai aluminum produced 1070 aluminum foil , which is the current major aluminum foil for foreign customers purchase, because of its high purity, processing more difficult, the general processing enterprises do not have processing capacity, so count as high-end products. Customer procurement is more common there are 8011 and 1235.


At present, Mingtai Aluminum also provides customers with battery shell, the product was previously imported from Japan. In resent two years, domestic far more than South Korea and Japan, including new energy vehicle power battery. In addition to hard packaging, there is a product that is flexible packaging. The main material of the soft bag is aluminum foil its alloy grades are 8079,8021. Mingtai Aluminum as a leading brands, depends on continuous improvement of equipment, technical level developing in the fierce competition. It insist in using high quality products to win customer trust. 

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