Electronic aluminum foil supplier

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Electronic aluminum foil supplier

Electronic aluminum foil is divided into high voltage anode foil, low-voltage anode foil and the cathode foil (also known as cathode foil)electronic aluminum foil supplier most have adopted the 3003 aluminum alloy material, very little part follows the 8011 Aluminum Alloy material, at present Henan Mingtai aluminum Limited Ltd production of electronic aluminum foil supplier is mainly based on 3003 aluminum alloy, the production of products only electronic foil.

Electronic aluminum foil supplier

3003 aluminum alloy electronic foil

3003 aluminum alloy is a commonly used aluminum manganese alloy series products. Because with manganese element, the product has excellent antirust properties, strength about 10% higher than 1100 aluminum alloy, formability, dissolves, good corrosion resistance. Mingtai aluminum production of 3003 aluminum alloy electronic aluminum foil suitable heat treatment process is the international unified standard 1: Full annealing heat of 390 ~ 430 ; On different material effective thickness, heat preservation time of 30 ~ 120 min. At 30 ~ 50 / h speed with furnace cooling to 300 , the air cold again. 2: rapid annealing: heating to 350 ~ 370 ; On different material effective thickness, heat preservation time of 30 ~ 120 min. Air or water, 3: quenching and aging: 500 ~ 510 , quenching air cooling, artificial aging: 95 ~ 105 , 3 h, air cooling; Natural aging 120 h at room temperature. Mingtai aluminum technology department strict control of product quality in every production process, the quality of the products for the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

Electronic aluminum foil supplier Henan Mingtai aluminum industry co, ltd.

Henan Mingtai aluminum industry co, ltd., electronic aluminum foil supplier, has eight years of production experience and technology of electronic aluminum foil, in the field of domestic electronic foil sales accounted for 70% of the market, because of the high quality product quality and good after-sales service in the whole market has been the consistent favour of customers.

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