Aluminum foil packaging

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Aluminum foil packaging is important

Aluminum foil packaging is very important, otherwise it will affect its application in the project. Aluminum foil in a very broad field meets the needs of modern production and life. In the electronics industry, aluminum foil is used in the manufacture of capacitors, evaporator elements ,condenser and cable shielding.In the mechanical and electrical industry, aluminum foil is the first material of heat exchanger fin. In the aerospace industry, the aircraft rotor, missiles, rockets, satellites and other liquid fuel tank insulation and waterproof layer can not be separated from aluminum foil.In the packaging industry, aluminum foil is an important packaging material for food, medicine, cigarettes and chemical products.In the construction industry, used for heat insulation and moisture, and as a decorative material is widely used. In addition, in the textile, automotive, shipbuilding industry, but also everywhere beautiful foil figure.

aluminum foil packaging

Precautions when packing aluminum foil

Mingtai aluminum in the aluminum foil market has occupied the initiative, the main production of pharmaceutical foil, electronic foil, container foil, tape foil, and other products. To provide customers with mature technology and excellent service.

Aluminum is a very strong metal, long-term exposure to the natural environment is prone to oxidation, aluminum foil should be avoided as far as possible damp. The finished foil is very soft, prone to plastic deformation, slight collision or strike, pressure will make the aluminum foil deformation, decreased performance, serious collision or planning, pressure may be caused by the aluminum scrap, so the foil shall be suspended or placed on the level surface soft, aluminum foil box can't tilt or inverted handling also, foil roll only horizontal lifting, moving not inclined or vertical.

Mingtai's aluminum foil packaging

In the process of transportation, are not allowed to be mixed with aluminum foil active chemical products and wet materials, at the same time, the cabin compartment should be kept dry and clean, no pollution. Aluminum foil, had better use the enclosed compartment or shipping vessel can also use free shipping, but in the process of transportation, some with rain, snow cover tightly tarpaulin, ensure that packing and aluminum foil products will not enter the water, rain, snow.

Mingtai aluminum foil packaging and transportation of the products very seriously, according to the different requirements of customers and transport distance, the use of horizontal, box and suspended box packaging, etc.

Aluminum foil transport process, the driver also has strict training, to prevent unnecessary loss in transportation.

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