8079 aluminum foil Turkey

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8079 aluminum foil Turkey

8079 aluminum foil Turkey and 8011 aluminum foil in the 8 series of aluminum foil is the most commonly used, because of its excellent properties, widely used in food and drug packaging, electronic appliances and household items, usually used as its packaging materials. There are not many domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of 8079 aluminum foil, aluminum foil and soft used in battery manufacturers are also very few, Henan Mingtai aluminum as the first domestic battery manufacturers 8079 soft aluminum foil, product quality has been strictly to ensure good performance of products 100%.

8079 aluminum foil Turkey

Application of 8079 aluminum foil Turkey

Domestic 8079 battery less soft package aluminum foil manufacturer, mainly is the market demand is not big, and a lot of production technology of aluminum foil manufacturers have great gap with advanced countries. But the aluminum foil packing lithium battery performance is good, price is low , wide range of USES, so market prospect is very good. Along with the development of the electronics industry, China's emergence as a major industrial production base, the battery soft package aluminum foil the wide prospect of market demand, 8079 battery soft package aluminum foil manufacturers also will more and more.

Mingtai aluminum industry can produce 8079 aluminum foil Turkey

Mingtai aluminum industry in the production of 8079 battery soft packaging aluminum foil adopted plate type roller, has provided the safeguard to realize good plate type, produce product surface smooth flat net, version type flat; And honeywell thickness gauge, to ensure the precise control of exit thickness, enhance 8079 aluminum foil surface tension, under the dyne pen test is not less than 32 dyne, aluminum foil roll of wrong layer error is not more than + / - 1.0 mm.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 8079 aluminum foil in O state, H22 and H24 state. During the production process, after many tests such as bacteria and mold, the finished products are non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, and are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. Packaging, battery soft pack and other fields. Mingtai conducts a strict review and review procedure for each batch of 8079 aluminum foil produced. During the inspection process, the plates with holes, hemp skin, and edges are abolished to ensure that the aluminum foil delivered to customers is qualified. If you want to know more about Mingtai 8079 aluminum foil, please send email for consultation.

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