100 tons 1050 aluminum foil sold to Algeria

100 tons 1050 aluminum foil sold to Algeria

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Material Application: roof insulation

Product: 1050 aluminum foil

Project Details:

1050 aluminum foil 100 tons order aluminum foil for roof

In April, our customer service was pleased to meet an Algerian customer. The customer's needs are very detailed and comprehensive. The general needs are as follows: we are an Algerian sealing product company, please send us a technical and commercial offer for silver aluminum, 0.07 mm/950mm (o) 1050; Around 500 tons year. The final customer's order product is 1050 aluminum foil for roof insulation.The customer ordered 100 tons of 1050 aluminum foil,aluminum foil for roof.

aluminum foil for roof

Roof insulation with 1050 aluminum foil

Different from aluminum composite film. aluminum foil for roof reflects up to 96% of radiant heat. Aluminium is a very cost-effective, easy-to-form, adaptable wall and roof insulation.

Aluminium foil is an ideal partner for composite insulation and is durable due to its protective coating. This makes aluminum foil one of the most versatile materials for home insulation.

Why use aluminum foil for roofs

PUR/PIR panels are thinner and lighter due to aluminum. And the PUR/PIR panels with aluminum foil are fully recyclable;

Heat reflection and vapor barrier in one. The durability of this panel is extended by up to 50 years due to the aluminum foil. The film also reduces the risk of fire;

Lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for quick installation - an advantage especially in the insulation of large buildings such as warehouses;

Aluminum composite foil has higher tensile strength.


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