8011-H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

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8011-H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

With the development of economy, 8011-H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil has become a common blister packaging material.

Blister package? I believe a lot of people do not understand, in fact, blister packaging is a means of packaging, the focus is on its different materials. Packaging method for packaging articles sealed between a blister and a substrate formed of a transparent plastic sheet. The substrate may be made of cardboard, plastic sheet, aluminum foil or composite material.

8011-H18 pharmaceutical blister foil with excellent performance

8011-H18 pharmaceutical blister foil with excellent performance, 8011-H18 aluminium foil surface clean, uniform color, no spots, no pinholes formed. At the same time, it has good performance of damp proof, shading and blocking, so the storage of the medicine is more safe and sanitary. After printing, composite, coating is widely used in all kinds of medicine capsule, tablet, granule packing. Mingtai aluminum production 8011 - H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil for processing range: the thickness of 0.02 mm to 0.02 mm, width 300 mm - 1100 mm, can be customized according to customer needs, at the same time to the customer the biggest satisfaction.

8011-H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

8011-H18 pharmaceutical blister foil

With the improvement of living standards and the modern consumer goods is increasing, new, modern packaging requirements also more and more, the 8011 - H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil is a perfect packaging material, will be in various fields have a wide prospect in the future.

Mingtai aluminum industry produces 8011-H18 pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Mingtai aluminum industry is the largest private companies in China, high visibility, products won numerous enterprises trust. Second is Mingtai aluminum powerful production capacity, annual production capacity of 650000 tons of aluminum sheet with foil provides guarantee for 8011 aluminum foil production.

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