How to distinguish big aluminum foil good or bad?

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How to distinguish big aluminum foil good or bad?

In the production process of big aluminum foil, after rolling, annealing, finishing, packaging and other procedures, the production process of interlocking, any one link problems are likely to lead to quality problems of aluminum foil. Buy back aluminum foil products have quality defects will not only affect the appearance, but also directly affect the quality of the products produced, even directly lead to breaking down aluminum foil which greatly affected the production efficiency. So how to distinguish the good or bad?

Possible defects of big aluminum foil

Today, we sorted out the history of the most complete big aluminum foil quality defects. When we buy the aluminum foil back, as long as the aluminum foil for these problems once the diagnosis, the quality is good or bad nature can get out of it!

1.Aluminum foil bumps

Aluminum foil refers to foil bumps in the handling or storage process, and other objects on the surface or end after collision damage. The damage is mostly due to not pay attention to the cause of the aluminum foil packaging.


Aluminum foil surface contact with the surrounding medium, the chemical reaction or chemical reaction occurs in the aluminum foil surface defects, corrosion of aluminum foil surface will lose luster, serious will produce gray corrosion products. The corrosion of aluminum foil on the terminal production of the aluminum foil product will have a great impact on the aesthetic.

big aluminum foil

3. Surface bubble

The surface defects of aluminum foil, the foil surface will have round or convex irregular strip-shaped cavity; convex edges smooth, bilaterally asymmetrical, irregular distribution, surface bubble makes the aluminum foil with the point of force is not balanced, is likely to lead to break down.

4. Dark stripes

The dark stripe mostly appears in the double product, the dark side of a strip pattern along the rolling direction significantly affect the appearance of white light.

5. Mark

There are a variety of situations will lead to the imprint appeared aluminum foil surface such as roll or the surface of the guide roller are defective or sticky dirt or metal scraps, sleeve tube core surface is not clean or local existence of smooth convex surface, or coiling foil foreign body. Surface foil prints usually have single or periodic concave or convex, it is easy to distinguish.

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