Analysis on development trend of aluminum foil paper

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Analysis on development trend of aluminum foil paper

New technology and new equipment. It is an important way to develop new materials with special conditions, such as high magnetic field, high temperature, high pressure, rapid solidification, low temperature and large deformation. Electromagnetic casting and electromagnetic casting rolling can improve the ingot or billet quality; ultra thin high speed casting technology is two times the development of continuous casting technology. Here, Analysis on development trend of aluminum foil paper.

Aluminum foil paper processing towards intelligent development

To improve the stability and reliability of the production process, reduce production cost, production process to the automatic and intelligent development. Computer technology is widely used in the aluminum processing industry, the production process more and more high degree of automation, so as to improve the stability of the product. Advanced ultra-thin high-speed roller rolling machine adopts casting roller seam electric control, electric casting mouth positioning, through the computer control system and the thickness gauge with the main drive motor is linked together, for on-line continuous monitoring, ensure the dimensional accuracy and organizational structure of high-speed roll casting products. Further improve the machining process optimization control. Make the aluminum foil paper processing towards intelligent development.

aluminum foil paper

Thickness and technical difficulty of aluminum foil paper

Development of new materials and heat treatment of high performance aluminum alloy. Aluminum foil thinner, the greater the difficulty of production technology, economic benefits are more substantial. Reduce the thickness and improve the quality has been the direction of the aluminum foil industry. However, it is very important to improve the quality of aluminum foil to improve the quality of aluminum foil when the potential of controlling the process parameters of aluminum foil is controlled. By changing the material of the alloy alloy system, the trace elements and processing and heat treatment in the course of formation and change, the number, size and distribution, and improve the performance of the aluminum foil production process, organization control and quality evaluation, phase transformation on Microstructure and properties of aluminum foil, influence of process parameters on the properties of aluminum foil effect etc. system research and analysis, provide a theo retical basis for the microstructure control and process optimization.

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