Diversity of packaging aluminum foil

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Packaging aluminum foil for chocolate

Aluminum foil packaging in food, beverage, dairy products, medicine, electronics and other areas of rapid development, has become an important part of the packaging sector. Recently, some of the new features of the aluminum foil packaging market are noteworthy. All kinds of novel packing emerge in endlessly. Due to the characteristic properties, such as easy to flex foil; Good adhesion, heat sealing; The surface of the excellent printing performance and decorative effect .The richer appearance packaging design becomes a new feature of packaging aluminum foil . For example, chocolate packaging, we have a common chocolate packaging, square, round, diamond, oval, heart-shaped, etc.. In foreign countries, there are manufacturers to give full play to the imagination, the design of the chocolate Santa Claus, historical figures, a variety of cute little animals, cartoon shape, surface and decorated with the corresponding pattern color. There are many similar designs, such as the design of the shape of gold coins, decorated with gold. There are a variety of different shapes, such as football, cars, toys, etc. Chocolate packaging such a rich shape, in the absence of aluminum foil packaging is unimaginable.

Packaging aluminum foil for pet food packaging

Two or three years ago, pet food packaging is rarely used aluminum foil. But in the past two years, the European market for pet packaging market is growing rapidly, has become part of the rapid growth of the aluminum foil packaging market. Pet food packaging has some special requirements, such as open after hoping to seal, heating, preservation, corrosion and moisture, the aluminum foil packaging play a great role in the pet food packaging field. The foil emerged generation tank. The use of a large number of aluminum alloy cans packaging materials, in order to achieve the effect of preservation. In recent years, aluminum foil has been replaced by aluminum cans to achieve the same quality assurance package. Furthermore, as a foil packaging, can effectively guarantee the dustproof effect cans position, to avoid the dust pollution, to achieve safety and health standards. At the same time, the unique appearance of aluminum foil, can get a more attractive appearance.

Packaging aluminum foil

Diversity of aluminum foil applications

Although these new applications has not yet become one of the most important part of the aluminum foil packing, but combined with the inherent characteristics of the aluminum foil, the development of new applications, is undoubtedly one of the important trend of the development of the aluminum foil packing market. Aluminum foil recycling should be attention with the rapid development of aluminum industry, aluminum foil recycling has become a part of an industry must pay attention to.

Aluminum foil recycling

In the tobacco industry, according to incomplete statistics, a medium-sized factory, the annual waste edge cut of more than 50 tons, in a large factory, every year more scrap up to 100 tons. Waste and scrap aluminum foil mill is about 10%; the number of food, medicine, decoration and other industries waste is also considerable. And every year a large number of aluminum foil packaging eventually reduced to junk. It is estimated that about 100 thousand to 200 thousand tons of recycled aluminum foil annually. In addition, aluminum foil paper for high-grade wood pulp, good strength, high whiteness; aluminum foil is also a high quality aluminum. In addition, from the reality of the long-term development of the aluminum industry and the shortage of resources in the world, aluminum foil recycling industry should also cause attention.

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