Aluminum foil vs tin foil

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Should I choose aluminum foil vs tin foil

Many consumers like to eat barbecue, and how many people know, used to barbecue tin-foil will affect health? Also what is the difference between the aluminum foil, and tin foil used for barbecue? China's national standards for aluminum foil, and tin foil how health indicators provide? According to experts ,the main component of tin foil is terne metal, the lead content in up to about 50%. The surface can generate toxic ceruse and hydroxide compounds, generating yellow Huang Dan is toxic when burning. These toxic particles float in the air as hot air, which is sucked into the respiratory tract by the people around them. Lead poisoning can cause depression, anemia, kidney disease, infertility, abortion and other symptoms.

How to distinguish between aluminum foil and tin foil

Tin foil vs aluminum foil for package more food barbecue, in order to prevent the meat be burned. Aluminum foil with tin foil is very easy to distinguish, aluminum foil and shiny foil than many, but the ductility of foil is very poor, she was broken. Supermarkets sell pure tin foil paper, they are usually stacked, cotton paper, between each itself more difficult to cut, the price also more expensive, less buyers. And the aluminum foil material more softness, good cutting, with mandrel packing, the price is cheap, now gradually into the mainstream.

aluminum foil vs tin foil

Using aluminum foil vs tin foil

In the process of using aluminum foil, if add the sauce ingredients or lemon, which due to the acid will put the tin foil or aluminum foil, aluminum carbide, got into the food is absorbed by human body, can cause the edible tin, aluminum poisoning. Tin can stimulate intestines and stomach, aluminum can lead to dementia. If you have too much aluminum in your kidney, you may develop anemia.

Experts suggest people doing baked goods, if you want to use aluminum foil paper or aluminum foil package ingredients, don't add sauce or lemon. In addition, can use white cabbage leaf, corn leaf instead of foil or aluminum foil, or in bamboo, water bamboo shell, the leaves when the bottom, this not only clean, eat healthy, and delicious.

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