Aluminum foil for composite packaging

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Aluminum foil for composite packaging

Foil is not only soft texture, good ductility, easy to process, but also light and beautiful, easy to recycle, environmentally friendly, is one of the most commonly used packaging materials. In addition, due to the high permeability of aluminum foil for composite packaging, good magnetic absorption ability and electromagnetic shielding ability, good heat resistance, it is also commonly used in electronic equipment and semiconductor packaging.

Aluminum foil for composite packaging

Because the aluminum foil is easy to form a pinhole in the packaging and the use of the process to reduce the barrier performance, the aluminum foil is often made of composite materials such as paper, polymer or other metal sheets. Practice has proved that the aluminum foil foil composite material can greatly improve the packaging, improve the mechanical strength and mechanical properties of aluminum foil, especially suitable for making composite flexible packaging and packaging lining, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes and packing of goods.

Aluminum foil for composite packaging

Aluminum foil composite paper

At present, many kinds of aluminum foil composite paper, according to the different needs of different paper. Because of the high barrier plastic composite paper packaging and a variety of adaptability, so whether it is packaged in industrial products or in food packaging have been widely used. In particular, aluminum foil and paper composite packaging for cigarettes, has accounted for 40% to 50% of the consumption of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil for cigarettes

At present, China is the world's largest cigarette production and consumption country, stickers foil owing to the high softness, decorative and protective, has replaced the asphalt waterproof paper, and become the leading packaging material of cigarette packaging, will also enable the emerging gradually withdraw from the field of cigarette packaging aluminized paper. Cigarette foil lining package can better moisture-proof, anti mildew, dry and taste protection. The compound of the cigarette foil adopts the wet binding process, which has better production efficiency, economy and environmental protection. It adopts water soluble or water as dispersion adhesive and porous aluminum foil, high absorbent paper laminating, avoids a series of problems in the use of combined dry alum solvent and bring products, such as environmental pollution and residual solvents, additional gas recycling and emission device , so that the production process and the product has more health and safety. It has the advantages of simple process, less process, you can use more thin aluminum foil and paper, thereby reducing the amount of raw materials and energy consumption; the pasting speed is fast, with high fastness, can reduce the manufacturing cost. At present, wet binding has become the best way to achieve the general promotion of tobacco foil.

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