Aluminium foil for medicine packaging

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Aluminium foil for medicine packaging

In our daily life, the application of aluminium foil for medicine packaging is very extensive and mature. The main use of the drug is a drug capsule, tablet and other blister packaging and powder particles, water bag packaging. Because of its direct contact with edible drugs, so the state of the appearance and performance requirements of drug foil are very strict.

Aluminium foil for medicine packaging alloy

The common medicine has two kinds of alloy foil on the market status, respectively for 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil and of which 8011 alloy state usually is below 0.05 mm thickness and thickness of 8021 alloy state is all above 0.05 mm.

Aluminium foil for medicine packaging

Production process of aluminium foil for medicine packaging

Broadly speaking, the main production process is: blank inspection - breakdown rolling - open points - rolling - mill finished products - cutting - furnace annealing - finished product packaging.

High quality aluminum foil for medicine packaging surface

aluminium foil for medicine packaging surface requirements without oil, sparry, no black line, pinhole, macular, falbala, etc., in the process of production, the surface and the performance of the control, mainly for a couple of points:

First, from the source to control the quality, strict inspection of blank;

Second, In the process of rolling, the surface quality is controlled by the cleaning of the  roller and the control of the roughness, the choice of rolling oil, the viscosity of the rolling oil and the running speed of the machine;

Third, once again, in the cutting process, to ensure the cutting of aluminum roll edge neat, not the lotus leaf edges and other quality problems;

Fourth, in the annealing process, according to the performance requirements of the foil to control the annealing time and annealing temperature, to ensure that clean oil.

Development of pharmaceutical aluminum

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical aluminum with its excellent moisture resistance, barrier property, drug resistance, chemical stability, health, application proportion rising, appearance and quality requirements also more and more high, wide prospect of market.

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