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Yogurt cup heat-sealing aluminum foil material requirements

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, yogurt, a healthy drink, is more and more favored by consumers. Of course, the requirements for high quality and diversification of food and its packaging are also getting higher and higher. Yogurt cup heat-sealing aluminum foil has high requirements on board surface, board shape, thickness, toxic and harmful substance content, heat-sealing strength, etc. In order to better reduce the influence of external factors, aluminum foil composite film is generally used for yogurt cup sealing.

8011 aluminum foil is a commonly used milk cover foil. After compounding with other materials, its strength is better improved, its sealing effect is better, and it is more resistant to high temperature. It is required for the use of compound products.

Specification information of 8011 aluminum foil products produced by Mingtai Aluminum

Alloy state: O

Thickness range: 0.04-0.09mm

Width range: 100-1650mm

Length Range: C

8011 heat-sealing foil

8011 heat sealing foil yogurt lid foil advantage

1. Good version, high flatness, high surface cleanliness, no oil stain;

2. No black silk, no bright line, no foreign matter, excellent performance;

3. The gloss is good, the color is relatively uniform, smooth and free of voids;

4. Good sealing performance, excellent moisture-proof performance, light shading and high barrier ability;

5. Strong mechanical energy, strong puncture and tear resistance, safe and hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless.

8011 Heat Sealing Foil Yogurt Lid Foil Manufacturer-Mingtai Aluminum

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8011 aluminum foil is one of the company's superior products. The company can carry out customized processing according to customer needs. The production process is strictly controlled. The product quality is stable and reliable, and it is trustworthy. If you want to know more about relevant product information, you can click online consultation, and professionals will answer your doubts in detail!

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