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Aluminum foil is soft in texture, good in ductility, and has a silver-white luster on the surface. Aluminum foil after compounding, printing, and gluing is widely used as packaging materials. 8011 aluminum foil is one of the commonly used packaging materials, and is currently mainly used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic product packaging, etc.

8011 aluminum foil belongs to the 8××× series alloy, which is added with Al-Fe-Si elements, and its performance is better than that of pure aluminum foil. It is used as packaging material to meet the needs of various industrial products and food packaging.

8011 aluminum foil packaging material

8011 aluminum foil packaging material has the following performance advantages:

1. High ductility: This is the basic requirement of aluminum foil materials. Only when the ductility is good can it adapt to the shape of the package content and not be easily damaged during molding.

2. A certain strength: If the strength is too low, it cannot meet the protective effect of the packaging, if it is too high, it will affect the stretching, so a proper strength balance is required.

3. Good sealing: It needs to have a certain degree of sealing to prevent the leakage of steam or liquid and ensure the freshness of the contents.

4. Ease of processing: It should be easy for secondary processing such as printing, gluing, hot stamping, etc., and it is convenient for commercial display.

8011 aluminum foil manufacturers

Due to its many advantages and characteristics, packaging aluminum foil has been valued by businesses and consumers. With the expansion of application scenarios in the future, packaging aluminum foil still has a large room for development.

As a professional aluminum foil manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has great production advantages and mature technology. Every year, a large-scale aluminum foil is exported. 8011 aluminum foil is the superior product of Mingtai Company. The thickness range that can be produced is 0.02-0.2mm, and the width is 200-1650mm. The final aluminum foil is widely used as packaging material.

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