Mingtai Aluminum-Long-term supply of 8011 aluminum foil for bottle cap materials

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Aluminum foil bottle caps are very common in life, such as cosmetic bottle caps, can bottle caps, wine bottle caps, medical bottle caps, etc. The requirement for bottle cap materials is to ensure the sealing and stability of the product, and secondly, it must also have the function of preventing theft. The most commonly used bottle cap material is 8011 aluminum foil. Lets introduce this aluminum foil in detail below.

8011 bottle cap material aluminum plate is divided into cast rolling and hot rolling. Fe and Si elements are added to this type of aluminum foil. Its performance is better than that of pure aluminum foil. It is widely used in aluminum foil, especially the demand for bottle cap material is still very large. 8011-H18 aluminum bottle cap material is mainly used for stamping shallow caps, and can be cast and rolled. The specific process is: cold rolling - foil rolling - bending and straightening - slitting - packaging and other processes. Since annealing is not required, the production cycle is short and the price is cheap.


8011 aluminum foil is used for the production of medicinal bottle caps. The thickness requirement is 0.02-0.5mm. It has excellent moisture-proof performance, is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. 8011H16 bottle cap material is an important member of hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft cap materials. Thickness range: 0.15-0.27mm, width within 330-1000mm, tensile strength 150~165Mpa, elongation >2%, fine plate surface, no obvious Roller pattern, no obvious black lines, oil spots, dust inclusions, scratches, bright stripes and other defects. There are still some slight differences in the production process between 8011H16 medical bottle cap materials and wine cap materials. Since the stretching requirements of wine caps are higher than those of medical caps, there are differences in annealing.

8011 aluminum foil is the dominant product of Mingtai Aluminum, with a thickness range of 0.012-0.5mm. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cover materials, sealing foil and other fields. Mingtai has strong production capacity and can customize processing according to customer needs. Its annual production capacity of aluminum plates, strips and foils reaches 800,000 tons, and it provides long-term supply to many domestic and foreign companies.

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