Introduction to cold stamping aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

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Pharmaceutical blister packaging is also called blister packaging, also known as PTP packaging. It is a packaging material film that is heated, vacuum formed or cold stamped to form a groove suitable for the shape of tablets, capsules, etc., and then filled with drugs and then coated with Pharmaceutical packaging with a heat-sealable coating is heat-sealed with aluminum foil to form a unit package.

The aluminum foil base material for cold stamping pharmaceutical packaging usually uses 8021-O aluminum foil and 8079-O aluminum foil, with a thickness of 0.025-0.08mm. This kind of packaging is a common form of packaging for pills, capsules, and tablets. It has good barrier properties, good light protection, and high thermal stability. It is a high-end pharmaceutical packaging material that blocks light radiation and can effectively prolong the life of pharmaceuticals. With a long shelf life, it can be used as pharmaceutical packaging materials in extreme (high/low temperature) environments.

cold stamping aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

What is the reason why pharmaceutical blister packaging has become the mainstream form of pharmaceutical packaging today?

1. This kind of blister packaging allows each tablet to be packaged separately, providing patients with an accurate dose, which is not only convenient to carry, but also enhances the safety of medication;

2. This kind of packaging has good protection performance for medicines and high safety.

3. This kind of packaging has fast production speed, high degree of automation, low cost, light weight, convenient transportation, good safety, economical and practical.

Mingtai Aluminum Group supplies 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging, complying with international standards. The company produces medicinal aluminum foil with the advantages of high cupping value, high heat sealing strength, no voids, and good sealing performance. It is a raw material supplier of cold-formed medicinal aluminum foil to various domestic and foreign pharmaceutical packaging companies.

Henan Mingtai is a leading aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw materials. The product quality is stable, exported globally, and the price is affordable. You can purchase with confidence!

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