8079 aluminum foil usage introduction and manufacturer

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8079 aluminum foil is also one of the commonly used aluminum foil models. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, airtight, light-shielding, abrasion-resistant, fragrance-preserving, non-toxic and tasteless. Moreover, because of its elegant silver-white luster, it is easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of various colors, so it is more likely to be favored by people. 8079 aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, lithium battery soft pack aluminum plastic film and other fields.

8079 aluminum foil for medical packaging

In pharmaceutical packaging, the aluminum foil coating on the back of the medicine capsule is mostly 8011 aluminum foil, while blister aluminum and tropical aluminum with higher requirements for sealing and elongation mostly use 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil.

8079 aluminum foil for soft pack battery aluminum plastic film

In the three-layer structure of the soft pack battery aluminum plastic film, 8079 aluminum foil is used as the middle layer, which mainly prevents the infiltration of water vapor outside the battery and the leakage of internal electrolyte.

8079 aluminum foil usage introduction and manufacturer

What factors are related to the price of 8079 aluminum foil?

1. Raw material price

The price of 8079 aluminum foil is composed of the average closing price of aluminum ingot on the day of delivery + processing fee. The fluctuation of raw material prices affects the final quotation, but there are also differences in raw materials. Large manufacturers choose high-quality suppliers, the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, the quality of finished products is reliable, and the quotation is more expensive.

2. Manufacturer production process

Aluminum foil manufacturers have different strengths and technical levels. 8079 aluminum foil products vary greatly from raw material selection, processing process, to product sales. The process level of aluminum foil manufacturers determines the appearance quality, performance, application effect, etc. of aluminum foil, so the selling price is high and low.

3. Sales model

In addition to direct sellers, there are many agents, distributors, etc. for the sale of 8079 aluminum foil. The source manufacturers are all ex-factory prices, which can save a lot of intermediate circulation links and save customers' costs.

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