Mobile phone battery soft packaging aluminum foil

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With the current development of the electronics industry, more and more attentions are paid on aluminum for electronic appliances by the market. Battery soft packaging aluminum foil is also growing.

The electronic packaging is mainly the use of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil, which is not for us, is commonly known as tin foil. Tin foil, is a flattened metal aluminum manufacturing tools. Electronic and electrical appliances in the industry is mainly used for electronic and electrical packaging. Such as battery shell, point solution capacitors and so on.


Battery soft packaging aluminum foil is hot, not only benefit from the development of the electronics industry, but also with the inseparable characteristics of aluminum and electronic appliances with their own. Aluminum has a good electrical conductivity and processability,which is an excellent cooling material. It is suitable for power supply products such as high-power substation, power supply, radio and television transmitter, inverter power supply and other power supply products. So in the futuret he development of electronic appliances with aluminum will have a broader prospect.

 Mingtai Aluminum has been concerning of the market prospect of Battery soft packaging aluminum foil. It not only introduces advanced production lines, but also aims to the development of large-scale R & D investment, and strive to play in this sub-field Mingtai R & D and scale advantages for the industry,so that can  create more space and imagination.

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