3003 aluminum foil for the electronic packaging

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Why the 3003 aluminum foil for the electronic packaging will gradually be used by the majority of mobile phone dealers? I have to give you a grand introduction to the magic of aluminum material. Aluminum is relatively low density than other metals, so its relatively heavy weight, used in the battery soft foil will not give the weight of the phone a great burden, followed by aluminum has a good anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance , So long-term use to ensure the quality of the battery, which can reduce battery costs.


3003 aluminum foil for the electronic packaging requires excellent thermal conductivity and conductive physical properties, so the production of aluminum foil in the technical equipment also has a high demand. Mingtai Aluminum’s 8079 battery soft aluminum foil with Andritz plate roll ,in order to achieve a good plate to provide a guarantee, the production of the product surface is more uniform flat, version of the formation; the other use of Honeywell thickness, to ensure the precise control of the thickness of the export, enhance the 8079 aluminum foil surface tension, in the Lead under the pen test is not less than 32 dyne. Aluminum foil roll layer error does not exceed ± 1.0mm. Second, selected aluminum foil blank, strictly control the quality of blank, non-metallic slag and grain size, from raw materials to ensure product quality. Finally, the use of advanced online degreasing technology, to ensure that the aluminum foil on the basis of mechanical strength, to ensure that the cleanliness of aluminum foil. With excellent product quality, Mingtai Aluminum and domestic well-known mobile phone manufacturers have established a good long-term relationship. Welcome contact us to order 3003 aluminum foil for the electronic packaging.

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