Adhesive foil raw materials

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Adhesive foil has soft material and its plasticity is excellent. So it is very suitable to make anti-theft labels. Mingtai Aluminum has 20 years experience to produce high quality aluminum foil and its products enjoys a high reputation, you can assure it.

Anti-theft labels belongs to (EAS) technology that is used to identify  the merchandise by means of a detection system placed at the entrance or cashier's channel at the mall supermarket. The system will issue an alarm to alert the staff when there is a label that has not been processed by the cashier (the soft label is not demagnetized or the hard label is not removed) through the system.

Now there is an anti-theft source label program (referred to as UPP, Universal Product Protection). It refers to the retailer and product manufacturers work together and adding electronic anti-theft labels by the manufacturer in the production of goods packaging process and electronic anti-theft packaging process. It can change the past anti-theft labels in the mall when the shelves of the practice. In this way, anti-theft labels can be placed more subtle and more difficult to be found and destroyed, thereby reducing the loss of goods; moreover, those who are not suitable for open-shelf sales of goods due to the use of anti-theft labels are protected and can open-shelf sales,which can improve the customer's desire to buy things. Thus contributing to a significant increase in sales, benefiting retailers and manufacturers. welcome contact us to order Adhesive foil.

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