Aluminium foil electrical conductivity

Aluminium foil electrical conductivity

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Material Application: electronic application

Product: 3003 aluminum foil

Project Details:

Aluminium foil electrical conductivity

Electronic aluminum acquires more and more attention by the market with the current development of the electronic industry. The use of electronic aluminum is also growing and commonly using 3003 aluminum foil. Today I would like to analyze the characteristics and key application direction of aluminium foil electrical conductivity.

Aluminium foil electrical conductivity and electronic aluminum

Electronic aluminum in the packaging mainly uses aluminum foil. As for aluminum foil, we all familiar with it. Aluminum foil commonly known as silver paper, tinfoil, is a flattened metal aluminum tool. Electronic aluminum in the industry is mainly used for electronic packaging, such as battery shell, point solution capacitors and so on.

Aluminium foil electrical conductivity

Electronic foil 3003

Electronic aluminum market is hot, not only benefited from the development of the electronics industry, but also close related with the aluminium foil electrical conductivity. Aluminum has a good electrical conductivity and processability, and is an excellent cooling material. It is suitable for power supply products such as high power transformer, voltage stabilized power supply, communication power supply, purifying power supply, radio and television transmitting device, inverter power supply and other power supply products. So electronic aluminum will have a broader prospect in the future.

Market prospect of electronic foil

The market prospect of electronic aluminum has been the concern of Mingtai Aluminum, not only the introduction of advanced production lines, but also the development of large-scale R & D investment. Mingtai aluminum strives to play its R & D and scale advantages to create more space and imagination for the industry.


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