Aluminium foil raw material

Aluminium foil raw material

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Material Application: in daily life

Product: aluminum foil raw material

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Aluminum foil raw material

Aluminum foil raw material is very common in daily life. In our daily life, there are often some items we think "useless" but really useful. For example, most people will throw the grapefruit skin after eating the grapefruit pulp, in fact, there are many effects of grapefruit skin. First, the grapefruit skin can be eaten, which is not only nutritious, but also warm our stomach and wet our throat. Secondly, the grapefruit skin's effect of cleaning the refrigerator odor is excellent. In fact, such items are numerous. Today what I want to tell you is our aluminum foil raw material. In addition to using it to wrap the ingredients in barbecue, it has a lot of unexpected use.

Aluminum foil raw material

Unexpected use of aluminum foil raw material

1. rust cleaning

Rub aluminum foil into a ball, use it to wipe the car bumper and shower curtain rod to clean the rust.

2. making funnel

Roll the aluminum foil into the shape of a cone and fix it with tape. It can be used as a small funnel.

3.fixing loose connection

Fold the foil paper several times, insert the battery and the connection, and can solve the loose connection problem easily.

4. Grinding scissors

Fold the foil in half and cut it with scissors. You'll find the scissors the same as the new ones.

5.Increase the effect of heating furnace

In winter, you want to quickly let the room warm up, put the aluminum foil wrapped plywood on the rear of the heating furnace, so you can prevent the heat dispersing from the wall.

6. Spray protection

When spraying paint, stick the aluminum foil to the door or a specific location that do not want to be sprayed, no longer have to worry about the door to be dirty.

7. Cleaning grill

Just rub the aluminum foil into a ball and clean the grill, and then it will be much cleaner

8. Shine the silver equipment

Fill the container with aluminum foil, add a few teaspoons of soda, put the silver into the container and pour in the water. It can be cleaned quickly.

9. Protect steel wire ball

When the used steel ball is stored on an aluminum foil, the steel ball won't rust so easily.

10. Prolong the storage time of bananas

Wrapping aluminum foil on a bunch of bananas can lengthen the shelf life.

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