Soft Aluminium Foil

Soft Aluminium Foil

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Material Application: Packaging,Insulation,Electrical and Electronics,Industrial Applications

Product: 8011,1235

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Soft Aluminium Foil

Soft aluminum foil refers to a type of aluminum foil that is more flexible and easily bendable compared to other variants. It is typically thinner and has a higher degree of malleability, allowing it to be easily shaped and wrapped around objects.

Soft aluminum foil offers several advantages and applications due to its characteristics.

What alloys are there for Soft Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum Alloy 1235: This alloy is also commonly used for soft aluminum foil production. It has good formability, high ductility, and excellent thermal conductivity. It is often used in packaging applications, such as food wrapping or insulation.

Aluminum Alloy 8011: This alloy is another popular choice for soft aluminum foil. It offers good flexibility, excellent workability, and high corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in packaging, household, and culinary applications.

The above alloys are commonly used but not exclusive to soft aluminum foil production.

Soft Aluminium Foil

Where is Soft Aluminum Foil usually applied?

Food Packaging: Soft aluminum foil is extensively used in the food industry for packaging various products. The foil acts as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and odors, keeping the food fresh and extending its shelf life.

Household Use: Soft aluminum foil has multiple applications in households.

Insulation: Soft aluminum foil is utilized for insulation purposes. It can be used to create a thermal barrier.

Electrical and Electronics: Soft aluminum foil is employed in various electrical and electronics applications.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Soft aluminum foil is used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medications, tablets, and capsules. It provides a protective barrier against moisture, light, and oxygen, ensuring the integrity and stability of the pharmaceutical products.

Industrial Applications: Soft aluminum foil is employed in various industrial applications, such as insulation for HVAC systems, radiant barriers in construction, and packaging for industrial products that require protection against moisture or contamination.

Mingtai Aluminum is a soft aluminum foil manufacturer

Quality and Thickness: Mingtai provides high-quality foil. Ensure that the thickness of the foil meets your specific needs, as different applications may require different thicknesses.

Standards :Our soft aluminum foil complies with relevant industry standards and regulations. This ensures that the foil meets specific quality and safety requirements.

Packaging and Labeling: the packaging is intact and properly sealed to protect the foil from damage or contamination. The labeling provide essential information such as the alloy type, thickness, dimensions, and any relevant certifications.

Cost and Value: The cost is determined by the specific alloy (or application), thickness, width and usage.

Sustainability: We attach great importance to the issue of sustainable development and have always practiced this principle.


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