8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing Factory custom delivery

8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing Factory custom delivery

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Material Application: Packaging bag printing

Product: 8011 aluminum foil

Project Details:

About 8011 Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a common packaging material in daily life. 8011 aluminum foil is soft in texture, has good ductility, has a silvery white luster, is non-toxic and tasteless, and is safe and hygienic. , pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging and other fields.

8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing

8011 aluminum foil is usually compounded with high-strength, heat-sealable plastic film to obtain aluminum-plastic composite flexible packaging materials with excellent barrier properties, mechanical properties and heat-sealing properties. In addition, the surface of the packaging bag is generally printed with product information. The printing of the packaging bag needs to take into account issues such as economy and environmental protection, and at the same time it needs to be able to completely and well express the information that needs to be printed. Aluminum foil is currently the most stable printing substrate. one of the materials.

8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing

Specifications of 8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing:

Alloy temper: O, H14, H16, H18, etc.

Thickness range: 0.014-0.2

Width range: 100-1700

Length Range: C

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials, supplying 8011 aluminum foil for aluminum foil packaging bags, single-sided light/double-sided light, size can be customized, good plate shape, high flatness, less holes, excellent moisture-proof performance and light-shielding performance And high barrier performance, favored by the packaging industry. At present, Mingtai aluminum foil has been exported to many countries, and has been unanimously praised by customers.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry 8011 aluminum foil for packaging bag printing price per ton

Our price is composed of market aluminum ingot price and processing fee. You need to provide the specifications of the required products to facilitate the business manager to calculate an accurate quotation. As a listed aluminum foil manufacturer, Mingtai has strong strength. The company can undertake 5-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw material orders. The product quality is stable, the price is affordable, and the delivery cycle is short. You can purchase with confidence!


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