Bottle cap material 8011-h14 aluminum foil

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Aluminum caps are often used in some pharmaceutical and wine packaging. They are an important part of bottle packaging containers. Their main function is to prevent the contents of the bottle from spilling out and prevent foreign matter from entering the bottle. Do you know how aluminum bottle caps are produced? What kind of raw materials are used?

The raw materials for aluminum bottle caps are generally 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum coil, 3105 aluminum coil, etc., which are mostly processed on production lines with a high degree of automation. The requirements for material strength, elongation, dimensional deviation, etc. are very strict, otherwise it will Breaks or creases occur during processing.

Bottle cap material 8011-h14 aluminum foil

Pharmaceutical aluminum bottle caps are made of 8011 hot-rolled aluminum foil, with a general thickness of 0.20mm-0.23mm and a width of 449mm-796mm. The product has good internal uniformity, good stamping formability and stable performance. The aluminum cap made has a simple structure and good sealing performance. It is easy to open, low cost, and simple and convenient to use. Compared with plastic bottle caps, aluminum bottle caps not only have better performance, but are also pollution-free and can be recycled.

Material requirements for aluminum bottle caps: the surface is smooth and clean, without rolling marks, scratches or stains.

Mingtai Aluminum uses high-quality raw materials and uses advanced production equipment to strictly control the production process of 8011 aluminum foil. The product has a flat surface, no rolling marks, scratches and stains, and excellent performance. It is the first choice for aluminum foil from various aluminum bottle cap factories at home and abroad. Source of raw materials.

Bottle cap material 8011-h14 aluminum foil

Hot rolled bottle cap material 8011-h14 aluminum foil price

Price has always been a concern for users. The price of 8011 aluminum foil is determined by the market price of aluminum ingots and the manufacturer's processing fee. The manufacturer needs to refer to the specific thickness, width, and use of the product when quoting. For different specifications and different uses, the price of the product There is a big difference. Mingtai Aluminum is a direct-selling aluminum plate, strip and foil manufacturer. It sells 8011 aluminum foil at ex-factory prices, which has great advantages.

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