1235 aluminum foil for cable shielding

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Aluminum foil can be used as a shield for cables because of its airtight and shielding properties. Before use, aluminum foil also needs to be coated with plastic film. For cable foil, there are certain requirements in terms of length, mechanical properties, and sealing performance, especially the length requirements are very strict. Use 1235 aluminum foil for cable shielding.

Aluminum foil for cable tapes can also be called cable shielding foil. Generally, 1235 aluminum foil or 8011 aluminum foil is used. It can be coated with a layer of plastic film on one or both sides to form an aluminum-plastic composite foil, which serves as an ideal cable protection layer.

What are the requirements for cable foil materials?

1. The surface contains less oil, no holes on the surface, and has high mechanical properties.

2. No corrosion, peroxidation, no creases, no color difference, the end face is smooth and clean.

3. In terms of length, only longer lengths are allowed, and shorter lengths are not allowed.

4. The chemical composition meets the requirements and the mechanical properties are stable.

1235 aluminum foil for cable shielding

1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil for cable foil are very popular in the market

After continuous casting and rolling, hot rolling, slitting and thorough annealing, the aluminum foil is divided into small rolls according to the length required by the user and supplied to the wire foil compounding plant. The aluminum foil is covered with a plastic film and cut into many small strips and supplied in a roll. Wire factory. Because this kind of compound aluminum foil has the advantages of light weight and good protective barrier effect, it is favored by users.

Mingtai Aluminum produces 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil for cable shielding

Mingtai Aluminum was founded in 1997 as a listed company and is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum foil, aluminum plates and aluminum coils. Since its development, the company has always adhered to customer-centeredness, strictly controlled the process during the production process, strictly controlled the strength and length of the cable foil, and paid attention to the chemical composition, dimensional tolerance, surface quality and mechanical properties of the aluminum foil to ensure the quality of the product. Mingtai Aluminum's 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil for cable strips are of good quality and price, and are well-known at home and abroad.

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