3004 honeycomb foil has price advantage and delivery time advantage

3004 honeycomb foil has price advantage and delivery time advantage

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Material Application: Aluminum furniture

Product: 3004 honeycomb foil

Project Details:

The aluminum honeycomb core is bonded with 3-series or 5-series aluminum foil, after high-temperature hot pressing, and then stretched to form a regular regular hexagonal honeycomb shape with sharp surface and regular cells. Generally, 3003, 3004, and 5052 alloys are used as honeycomb core materials. From a comprehensive comparison, 3004 aluminum foil is an advantageous choice. It has certain strength and moderate price, and is very popular in the market.

At present, the most popular all-aluminum furniture in the market, the core material of the cabinet panel generally uses 3004 aluminum foil as the raw material, and the thickness is 0.03~0.08mm. The dense honeycomb of the aluminum honeycomb core is like a lot of small I-beams, which disperses the pressure from the panel, makes the panel evenly stressed, and ensures that the panel can still maintain a high flatness in a large area. In addition, the hollow honeycomb can also reduce the thermal expansion of the board.

3004 honeycomb foil

3004 aluminum foil for aluminum honeycomb core

3004 honeycomb foil specifications

Alloy state: H18/H19

Thickness: 0.03-0.08mm

Width: 100-1650mm

Honeycomb foil market application; building curtain wall, interior decoration, locomotive honeycomb panel, ship honeycomb core, clean panel, photothermal solar backplane, printing table panel, etc.

How to choose 3004 honeycomb foil manufacturers?

Many people worry about choosing a reliable aluminum foil manufacturer, what conditions do high-quality aluminum foil manufacturers have. 1. Advanced equipment. 2. Strong research and development capabilities. 3. Strict quality control.

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