Mingtai Aluminum 8011-h18 Aluminum Foil in pharmaceutical packaging field

Mingtai Aluminum 8011-h18 Aluminum Foil in pharmaceutical packaging field

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Material Application: pharmaceutical packaging field

Product: 8011-h18 Aluminum Foil

Project Details:

Aluminum foil has strong barrier properties and is widely used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. In current pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum foil is used as the barrier layer for almost all packages that require opacity or high barrier properties. Most of the most common dosage form capsules are packaged with PVC hard sheets and aluminum foil (PTP) plastic packaging, which is a widely used pharmaceutical packaging material in domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil is used as a sealing material for blister packaging. Its basic structure is a protective layer, aluminum foil base material, heat-sealing layer, adhesive and other composite materials to seal and cover the blister. The aluminum foil layer is generally made of 8011-h18 aluminum foil, which has very good airtightness, non-toxic, odorless, good light-shielding properties, and strong barrier properties.

Pharmaceutical 8011-h18 aluminum foil

As a pharmaceutical packaging material, the quality and safety of 8011 aluminum foil is of utmost importance, so it is particularly important to choose a reliable aluminum foil supplier. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer in China. With its high-quality products and services, it has won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical packaging companies for a long time.

Pharmaceutical 8011-h18 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum has the following advantages in the production of 8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil:

1. Advanced production equipment. Mingtai Aluminum has advanced aluminum foil production equipment at home and abroad, high-precision aluminum foil rolling mills, precision straightening machines, slitting machines, etc. These devices can guarantee the accuracy and surface quality of aluminum foil products, and meet the material quality requirements of pharmaceutical aluminum foil.

2. Strict quality control system. Mingtai Aluminum focuses on product quality management and has established a complete quality control system. From raw material procurement to production process control, to product inspection and storage, there are strict quality standards and operating procedures. Strict quality control system can ensure the stability and safety of pharmaceutical aluminum foil products.

3. Rich production experience and technology accumulation. Mingtai has many years of aluminum foil production experience and technology accumulation, and can provide personalized solutions for different customer needs. At the same time, the company has a professional technical team, which can solve technical problems in the production process in time to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

4. Perfect after-sales service. Mingtai Aluminum pays attention to the maintenance of customer relationship and provides comprehensive after-sales service, including product consultation, technical support, quality assurance, delivery cycle and other services. Perfect after-sales service can meet the diverse needs of customers and improve customer satisfaction and trust.

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, Mingtai Aluminum has won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers by virtue of its own advantages. We believe that in the future development, the company will continue to provide better products and services in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and create greater value for customers.


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