Mingtai Aluminum supplies Aluminum packaging materials

Mingtai Aluminum supplies Aluminum packaging materials

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Material Application: packaging industry

Product: 8011 foil, 8021 foil, 8079 foil

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Introduction of Aluminum packaging materials

Packaging can also be like an aluminum travel, does not care about the wind and rain of the way, but care about only the packaging in place and packaging users experience mood.

Aluminum is a metal whose production value is after that of the steel, but the history that aluminum material used as packaging materials is only 30 years. Over the years, the amount of aluminum used in packaging is growing, it is because it has a series of excellent features. It has small density, only 1/3 of the steel; lighter weight; excellent processing, easy to punch into a variety of messy shape; corrosion resistance, not rust; barrier, shading, Excellent, can effectively maintain the goods; high thermal conductivity, easy to sterilize the aluminum canned; silver, color and beautiful, and the light of the reflectivity, easy to print, print the role of good; non-toxic and tasteless; scrap aluminum containers can recover remelting, no environmental pollution.

Aluminum packaging materials

Aluminum packaging materials types

Aluminum packaging materials are mainly pure aluminum, aluminum alloy and aluminum foil, and so on. Aluminum alloy plate made by alloy, which is added a small number of magnesium, manganese, copper in the aluminum. Aluminum alloys commonly used in packaging are Al-Mg alloy and Al-Mn alloy, also known as rust-proof aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy plates strength and hardness significantly improved with high corrosion resistance, good polishing, the surface still adhere to the light after long time keeping.

Advantages of Aluminum packaging materials

Aluminum foil is widely used in packaging, it can package items alone; it is more with paper, plastic film to made composite materials used in food, cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other packaging and can be made of cooking bags to package food and cook food.

Aluminum foil as a packaging material has light weight, anti-corrosion, shading, non-toxic and other characteristics. Aluminum packaging foil has a big developing space, especially in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Consumption upgrades drives high-end packaging food and drug consumptions increasing.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a aluminum foil manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a famous aluminum foil manufacturer in China, which has produced the food and pharmaceutical packaging foil of many grades, including 8011 foil, 8021 foil, 8079 foil etc. These products have high quality and reasonable price. If you want to know more information, please visit our website.


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