China aluminum foil prices and common applications

China aluminum foil prices and common applications

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Material Application: Widely field

Product: 1060, 1235, 3003, 8011, 8021, 8079

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Due to its outstanding performance, aluminum foil finds extensive use in various aspects of life. Currently, commonly used aluminum foils include 1060, 1235, 3003, 8011, 8021, 8079, and others, which are widely employed in packaging materials for food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, they serve well in industrial fields like electrolytic capacitors and lithium-ion batteries.

China aluminum foil prices

China aluminum foil prices in relation to popular applications

Aluminum foil is typically utilized in food packaging and occasionally for decorative purposes. Moreover, it finds wide application in insulation, heat exchange, and as electrical conductors. It is commonly used as a packaging material. The thickness of aluminum foil in food packaging bags is only 6.5 microns, yet this thin layer provides waterproofing, preservation of umami flavors, antibacterial properties, and resistance to fouling.

Food containers: We refer to aluminum foil used for storing food as food container aluminum foil. This application is highly prevalent. Aluminum foil containers are safe, hygienic, and reusable, thus minimizing environmental pollution.

Barbecuing: Certain foods like sweet potatoes and enoki mushrooms require wrapping in aluminum foil before grilling to prevent charring. Wrapping seafood, Flammulina velutipes, and other ingredients in aluminum foil helps preserve their umami flavors as well.

Hairdressing: Hot curlers are great for achieving stylish curls, but they come with risks such as hair burns or injuries to hands and foreheads. Thankfully, aluminum foil is an excellent heat conductor, and applying a layer of it can prevent such damage. Therefore, the next time you prepare for a party, use a few layers of aluminum foil to curl your hair more safely and quickly.

What factors are related to China aluminum foil prices?

Aluminum foil specifications: Specifications play a crucial role in determining China aluminum foil prices. Different users have varying requirements for aluminum foil specifications, resulting in different price ranges. Additionally, the alloy or purpose of the aluminum foil and its temper can also impact the price. For specific pricing information, consulting aluminum foil manufacturers is recommended.

Market price of aluminum ingots: The market price of aluminum ingots is a secondary factor influencing China aluminum foil prices. The quoted price from aluminum foil manufacturers includes the processing fee along with the price of aluminum ingots. The processing fee is linked to the aluminum foil specifications mentioned earlier. However, the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates daily in the market, making it an uncertain factor.

Sales model: The sales model employed has a direct impact on China aluminum foil prices. If the aluminum foil is sold directly by the manufacturer, the price tends to be lower. Conversely, if it is sold through a distributor, the price is usually higher. Therefore, the sales method is also an influential factor.


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